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From unity,

Our intentions, are to create and maintain a secure space for our members and the public on and around Elysium to ensure a thriving economy, safe from any shape or form of malicious intent.
We believe, in safety through order. Order is a necessary component of a safe and secure region of space, we aim to be that order.
Our vision, is that united we can withstand and repel any force that would dare to threaten what we have achieved and sworn to protect.
Join us, and ensure the safe and prosperous growth of Humanity!

our leaders





  • The main focus of any PMC, and we agree wholeheartedly. We prioritize teamwork, efficiency, and the willingness to get the job done at all costs. Our fleet features a huge variety of ships, everything from the Javelin, Idris, Polaris and Hammerhead, down to Sabres, Hornets and everything in between. If you’re looking to blow things up in some of SC’s biggest ships of the line, or in the seat of a dogfighter, this is the place for you.


Do you like credits? A lot of credits? If you have a passion for mining, hauling and/or exploring then our corporate branch is for you! Merchants and miners benefit from priority escort service, and system-wide infrastructure, ensuring your job is safe, efficient, and most importantly, profitable. Corporate members will be pressed into Military service in times of need.

Organization Affairs

Have a mind for recruiting and diplomacy, are you more interested in the social aspect of the game? Organization Affairs is looking for recruiters who could possibly fill our diplomatic positions in the future. Organization Affairs members must display a mature and calm disposition when dealing with individuals and organizations. Organization Affairs members will be pressed into Military service in times of need.