Welcome to the Gladiators

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From unity,

Our intentions, are to create and maintain a secure space for our members and the public on and around Elysium to ensure a thriving economy, safe from any shape or form of malicious intent.
We believe, in safety through order. Order is a necessary component of a safe and secure region of space, we aim to be that order.
Our vision, is that united we can withstand and repel any force that would dare to threaten what we have achieved and sworn to protect.
Join us, and ensure the safe and prosperous growth of Humanity!

our leaders

Dragon Ace




  • The main bulk of Gladiators forces, the Navy consists of the entirety of our spacecraft, whether that be a capital ship or single seat fighter. Anyone who intends to put the hurt on pirates or Vanduul forces as an ace pilot, or part of the crew of a much bigger ship will find a place here. We are actively recruiting any and all Citizens looking to fly fighters and bombers, pilots and crew for multicrew and capital ships, and various roles in engineering, scouting, and dropship play.


Every PMC finds themselves having to get their hands dirty in ground warfare, and that’s where our Army forces come in. Any players looking for a little ground n’ pound action, whether that be on foot as part of our marines or spec ops units, working as part of a tank team, wreaking havoc in a titan suit, or providing CAS to our ground units, this is the place for you. We are actively recruiting for all above positions, and a variety of other unique and tertiary roles not listed above.


PMC’s aren’t just about shooting big guns and blowing things up, we are also in need of a tremendous amount of logistical support. Support members are still military units, but with a focus on transport, refueling, repair, medical aid, and will be called upon to crew or pilot in times of need, and allowed to fill these roles voluntarily if they wish. Support members will be given the same basic training as the rest of our units, but will focus on support roles rather than frontline duty.